Frequently Asked Questions

Who can add a blog to the LexBlog network?
Any legal blogger is invited to submit a blog. There is no cost to add your blog. All you need to do is go to and answer a few short questions.

How will this benefit me?
By adding your blog to the network, you broaden your reach to a worldwide audience with a strong interest in law and legal topics. You also associate yourself with a community of respected firms and bloggers who share your interests.

In addition to the added exposure you receive on, selected content from the network is published to the Fastcase legal research service, where your posts will appear in researchers’ search results, and across our social media channels, including Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

What will my blog look like on LexBlog?
Here are examples of how your author page, blog page, and organization/firm page will appear on LexBlog.

Will I lose rights to my content that is published on LexBlog?
No. Your blog’s content remains your own. You can ask LexBlog to remove your posts at any time.

Will you edit or change my posts?
No. We do reserve the right to select an editorial image for a post or change the headline if we choose to highlight it on our front page, social media, or newsletters.

Will less people visit my blog if it is already on LexBlog?
No. By virtue of increased exposure, you will receive more visitors to your blog. All posted content is linked back to the original source.

Will Google index my content on LexBlog?
Google does not index content that comes through via RSS feeds. This means the posts from your blog will appear in a Google search, while the same post on LexBlog will not.

Why was my application not accepted?
The publishing team reviews applications based on a number of criteria. More detailed information about our editorial policy can be found here. We typically review the ten most recent posts on a blog when we make our decision.

If my blog was rejected, can I re-submit it for review?
Yes! We encourage re-application if you believe you have made changes to your blog that warrants another review.

What if my blog is already aggregated elsewhere?
Not a problem. Many blogs on LexBlog are also aggregated elsewhere.

Why is this free?
We believe in the power of highlighting the good work of those in the legal profession and want to support them by giving readers another method to find their work, and giving you another avenue of sharing your work.

What if I make a change to a blog post after you’ve published it?
Our system continually refreshes. Changes you make on your post will be pushed through to our system. Depending on your blog’s RSS feed, updates may not appear immediately on our end.

I applied. Now what?
Congratulations! A member of our publishing team will reach out to you to confirm that your application was accepted. Now that you are part of the network, your posts have the potential to be featured on and our social media accounts. Our success and publishing teams are now available to you as resources for blogging and sharing your work.

What if I don’t want to syndicate my blog anymore?
While we are sad to see you go, this is not a problem. We can remove your blog from LexBlog at any time.

100% Guarantee: LexBlog guarantees our work – and your success. If at the end of one year, you are not satisfied with LexBlog, you may terminate our relationship and we will reimburse whatever you think is fair. No questions asked.